This tricks section is constantly growing when people submit more tricks and I find time to add more prop pages, so please keep coming back! Juggling props are listed first of all, then Misc Props (in alphabetical order) then lastly some Tricks Articles and a Compendium of Games you can play using Juggling Equipment and Parachutes.

Best order to learn to juggle is firstly with Scarfs, then Balls, then Rings, then Clubs (it is the same 3-step process for each of them).

Fire balls (but try learning to juggle with ordinary ones first!) 3 Ball Juggling (plus 4 video tutorials)4 Ball Juggling (plus video clip)

5 Ball Juggling

6 Ball Juggling

7 Ball Juggling

Oddballs Bouncing Ball Bounce (Floor) Juggling
Juggling Scarfs (perhaps you can produce them from a Vanishing Purse?!) 3 Scarf Juggling (with 2 x video tutorials)4 Scarf Juggling
Why not give Steve a ring sometime?! 3 Ring Juggling  (plus 2 video tutorials)4 Ring Juggling

5 Ring Juggling

Flare One Piece Deluxe Euro Club 3 Club Juggling (plus vid tutorial)

4 Club Juggling

5 Club Juggling

3-6 Club Rolling

In Isolation (Contact Juggling) DVD Contact Juggling
Unicycles Juggling on a Unicycle
Numbers Juggling (how to juggle 3+ objects!)
Astrojax Astrojax
Balancing Ladder
Balancing Objects
(with Video Tutorial)
Bar Flair Bar Flair
Beach Flingo Bibs Beach Flingo
(plus video clip)
Bean Trick Track Bean Trick Track
Catch-it-Cone Catch-it Cone
Chista Bats Chista
Cigar Box (single) Cigar Box (video clip)
Cloth Covered Flowerstick Devilstick / Flowerstick
(plus 3 x video clips)
Sundia Diabolo Diabolo
Jitter Ring aka Gyro-Ring Jitter-Ring / Gyro Ring
Magic Tricks (book with deck of cards) Magic and Juggling
(+ video clip)
Oidz Oidz / Magnets (can you make the noise?!)
Pen Spinning
Rainbow Junior Poi Poi Spinning (plus video clip)
Spinning Plates Plate Spinning (plus video clip)
Voltige Rola-Bola Rola-Bola
Shaker Cups Shaker Cups
Toothbrush Twirling kit Toothbrush Twirling
(plus 2 x video clips)
Unicycles Unicycle
Yoyo Book by Steve! Yo-yo

Articles written by Steve the Juggler

I regularly write articles on all aspects of Juggling. The following articles may be of interest to you, and you can access all of them by visiting my EZine Articles Profile (link opens in new window). These articles can also be found by navigating around my website using the dropdown menu’s at the top.

A to Z of Circus Skills / Juggling Equipment and Skills ToysA glossary of definitions for all of the props that you can see throughout this tricks section as well as many more that I hope to write about soon!

Juggling Games

If you are planning the games at a Juggling Convention or simply looking for some fun Juggling games to play with your friends, then this page has a huge list and descriptions to browse through!

Parachute Games

Lots of games ideas for using a giant/jumbo parachute.

World Records

This section was launched in August 2011 when I added the Guinness World Records Products to my Juggling Store (UK only) .

Juggling World Records : Silly Juggling World Records
Dangerous World Records : Circus Skills World Record

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