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1.True or False

Place 2 chairs at one end of the hall. Label one “True” and the other “False”. Have a list of statements, some true and some false, on Bible facts in general. Select one child from each team and as the statement is made, the 2 children race to the chairs and the first person to sit on the correct chair wins. The value of this type of quiz is that even those with very little Bible knowledge can participate happily, as there is no stigma attached to being wrong in the excitement of reaching the chairs.

Alternative: Get the whole team to run.


2.Old Testament and New Testament

This is played in exactly the same way as “True or False”, except the chairs are labelled “Old Testament and New Testament”, and statements have to be prepared.



Divide into 2 teams. Have 4 bases around the room and a list of questions. The 1st player is asked a question and if the answer is correct, they move to the first base. The second person is asked a question and if they answer the question correctly, they move to the first base (and the first person moves to the second base). A point is scored for each correct answer. Once a player is “Round”, an extra point is gained. A wrong answer puts a player out when there are no players left to bat then the other team is in.


4.One to Ten

Scatter cards around the room on which are written statements, all starting with “The number of ……”. The answers should cover the numbers one to ten.

  • E.g.     The number of sheep which were lost out of the hundred (1).
  • The number of commandments God gave to Moses (10).

Have several copies of each one or more than one possible answer for each number. The winner is the person/team who can first lay out all the cards with the answer in order 1-10.



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5.Who am I?

Tell the group you are a Bible character and give them some clues as to your identity. If they guess after the first clue, give them four points, and after the second clue, three and so on.

  • E.g.     I was a tax gatherer             (4 points)
  • Sometimes they called me Levi    (3 points)
  • I was a disciple                                 (2 points)
  • I wrote a Gospel                               (1 point)


6.Newspaper Headlines

Hold up imaginary headlines and let the group guess which Bible situation is being described. The headlines can be expanded if further clues are required. Score as for “Who am I”?

  • E.g.     Boy kills Giant                                    David and Goliath
  •             Refugee baby found in river              Moses


7.String of Books

Give each person or group a number of small punched cards on which the names of the books of the Bible are written. Provide lengths of string and the first to thread all the books in the correct order wins.


8.Decipher the Code

Codes are useful for presenting Bible verses to children or for putting over a particular teaching point. Prepare some verses by converting them into a code – and then get the kids to decipher them. (Older primary school children can work out simple codes without being given the Cipher (code-solution)) e.g.

1.         A=1, B=2, C=3

2.         A=B, B=C, C=D

3.         Print the words backwards

4.         Picture Code

5.         Insert the letters “I” and “T” into the word sequence –and tell them to “Delete it”.


9.Bible Mimes

Let one group mime a Bible incident while the others guess which it is. Points might be given for good acting, being audible, production and improvised costume.


10.How Many?

Lay out small cards with numbers written on them. Have as many duplicate numbers as there are teams. Ask questions to which all the answers are numbers.

  • How many people went into the Ark?
  • How many books are in the Bible?
  • How many brothers did Joseph have?

One child from each team runs out to collect a card and all who are correct receive a point.

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This text was originally created and published as part of a document for Church of Scotland Summer Mission (Holiday Club) teams by Steve “The Juggler” Thomson. This version was updated by many more iMPACT members who I thank for enhancing it with even more wonderful information!

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