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You will need a stopwatch for these games. Most mobile phones have one in their extra’s/accessories menu options!



The teams huddle together in a group. The leader throws a feather in the air above the team and each member has to blow hard to keep it in the air and stop the feather touching them. Perhaps time each team.



You can time children to see how long they can keep a ball up in the air using any part of their body apart from their hands. Alternatively, you could try keep-ups using volleyball skills e.g. you can use your hands.



This game is also known as Greenpeace. There are 2 teams. One team wraps themselves around one of their team and holds on as tightly as they can to him. The other team, on the word “GO”, has to try and separate all other people from the “Kingpin” (person in the middle). The game ends when the person in the middle is separated from everyone else in their team. There are no rules as to how to separate the team, so just use your imagination. The teams then swap round and it is the other teams chance to steal the “Kingpin”. The game can be timed.

Alternative: 1st team is given a balloon which they must protect whilst other team tries to burst it.



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All you need for this game are some sheets of paper, and some coloured pens. Cards are made up with suggestions of what to draw written on them. People from each team take it in turn to pick a card, and then draw what it says. They are given a minute to do this, and during this time, their team are allowed as many guesses as they want. If their team cannot guess what it is, then the other team are allowed one guess. Points may be awarded for how fast someone guesses what is being drawn.


Guess a Minute

Children sit in a circle, when the leader says NOW, start timing one minute. Children sit in silence until they think that one minute has passed, then they stand up. The winner is the child who guesses closest to a minute. Make sure children with watches do not see their watches.

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This text was originally created and published as part of a document for Church of Scotland Summer Mission (Holiday Club) teams by Steve “The Juggler” Thomson. This version was updated by many more iMPACT members who I thank for enhancing it with even more wonderful information!

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