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Not technically a Juggling page, so why am I including it on my website? Well common sense tells me that Cat Video Clips can gain a huge viral audience, and I have 3 Cats, so why not film them playing around the house and add some Sporting Commentary! If it brings me a new audience, then they will hopefully stick around and discover the wonderful Steve the Juggler, and if not, then I still fulfil my remit of being entertaining!  Enjoy…

Introducing KittenSports – featuring my Cats Bonnie (the tortoise-shell coloured cat), Clyde (black & white cat – I couldn’t afford another colour one) and Ernie (white and tortoise-shell). Please enjoy and share with others, and please subscribe to Steve the Juggler’s YouTube Channel for receiving the latest content!

KittenSports #1: Cat Scratch Tower

Bonnie and Clyde (Steve’s Cats) play a game on their Cat Scratch Tower which involves pinging a springy mouse back and forth, but just who will win.

KittenSports #2: CircleBall

Bonnie and Clyde have great fun in this game with the CircleBall. But just who will win. Commentary from Steve the Juggler and his sidekick Ernie the Cat!

KittenSports #3: Senses

Bonnie and Clyde work together in this Assault Course of their toys. They firstly have to move the ball out from the tunnel, and then use the CircleBall. It’s all happening here! Commentary from Steve the Juggler!

There are many more KittenSports Video Clips for you to enjoy, but you will need to head across to my Cats video playlist on my YouTube Channel!


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