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In a tangle

Group stands in circle and each child puts left hand in the circle and takes hold of another child’s left hand. Each child then puts their right arm in and does the same again (to a different child). The children then must try and untangle themselves back into a full circle, without breaking hands.


My Name is, and I Like

Stand in a circle. One person starts by saying what their name is and what they like. The next person then states their name and what they like in addition to the name of the first person and what he/she liked. The game continues like this with everyone saying their name and what they like and also the names and likes of all those who were before them making a long string of things to remember.   Likes can start with 1st letter of name – or use adjective to describe themselves.


Name Echo

Stand in a circle. One person steps into the circle, shouts their name and does an action. The others in the circle imitate this action and name in sequence. The next person steps in the circle, says their name and performs a different action and so on until everyone has taken part. Then play game with these actions to be model of “Big Buckie” or “Matthew, Mark, Luke, John”


Name Jungle

Stand in a circle. The first person throws a ball to someone and shouts their name simultaneously. The person who catches the ball, throws it to someone else, calling their name, until everyone in the circle has caught the ball. The game can then be repeated at a faster pace.


Throw Ball

This is an Icebreaker game. Stand in a circle and just practice by throwing the ball around, stop the game after a couple of minutes and introduce a new rule (you now have to say the name of the person you are throwing the ball to), after a couple of minutes stop the game and tell them that they now have to throw the ball so that everyone has one catch. When they have done this, ask them to repeat the exact series of throws and keep that pattern going. Then introduce another ball into the same pattern. Make up your own ideas as well.


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Chair (Sorting in Order) Game

Make a circle with your chairs, and then stand on them, then without speaking or stepping on the floor, you have to sort yourself into:

  • Alphabetical order of name
  • Age (if same age, then month)
  • Height etc

Alternatively, you can have 2 teams in a line, competing against each other.

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