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Don’t try these at home and without proper training (or at a friends house either!)


Longest Underwater Juggle of 3 Objects is 1hr 19mins and 58 seconds. It was achieved by the Guinness World Records legend that is Ashrita Furman on 18 March 2010!


Chainsaw Juggling – The official record is 88 catches by Aaron Greg. He doesn’t quite manage to beat his own official record in the clip below (managing 86), but it is well worth watching anyway as he is an awesome and very talented performer!




Longest duration juggling 3 objects whilst suspended upside down by gravity boots is 6 minutes and 46 seconds. It is held by Zdenek Bradac in November 2010.


Some unofficial (I think) video footage of World Records with Fire Juggling items can all be found at the Record Setter website. I particularly like the “juggling 2 fire clubs whilst spinning a toothbrush” record!


Guinness World Record Products Section on Jugglingworld


If you know of any more dangerous World Record Juggling facts, then please fill in the form at the bottom of the page. If there is video footage of the World Record attempt then let me know! I will repeat once again though – DO NOT TRY THESE WITHOUT PROPER TRAINING!

World Records

This section was launched in August 2011 when I added the Guinness World Records Products to my website . I created 4 pages full of wonderful Guinness World Records for you to enjoy (and perhaps resolve to beat!)

  1. Juggling World Records (for Balls, Clubs, Rings, Bounce Juggling and Passing)
  2. Circus Skills Prop World Records (eg Diabolo, Unicycle, Spinning Plates, Pen Spinning etc)
  3. Dangerous Juggling World Records (eg Chainsaws, Fire, Underwater)!
  4. Silly Juggling World Records (eg Haggis Juggling, Joggling, Keepy-uppy etc)
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