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In this section of the website, there contains lots of additional Juggling Resources such as

  • Animated Juggling Gifs – A wide search of the internet has provided all these wonderful small animated picture files, now in one fantastic place!
  • Benefits of Juggling and Circus Skills (find out all about the Social, Educational and Physical Benefits to your favourite activity! Plenty of research to help prove that Circus Skills is a wonderful thing to get involved with!
  • Clubs & Conventions  (Reviews and photographs from Scottish, British and European Juggling Conventions and details of Milton Keynes and Stirling Juggling Projects)
  • Facebook Jugglingworld Page – See what the Top 10 status posts in 2013 were from my Facebook Jugglingworld. Hopefully this might persuade you to like my Facebook page and keep up-to-date with all the latest Juggling News from all over the world!
  • Mailing List (all past issues of the Jugglingworld Newsletter and details of how to sign up)
  • TEDTalks Playlist – View the video presentations of some of the world’s greatest performers giving their inspirational TEDTalk.
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