Issue 6 – Have you Tried these Circus Skills Props?

(April 2007)

Welcome to my latest newsletter and hello to all the latest signups! I hope that the main article gives you some ideas for new props to try out, and that you all enjoy a great EASTER time! Next newsletter will most likely be after the busy summer season!

Have you Tried these Circus Skills Props?

I have used these props listed below in my Circus Skills workshops over the years (and performed with some of them also), but some of these props aren’t widely known about, so please have a read below, and find out more!

Beach Flingo This is basically a bib that you put round your neck. There are 2 yellow fingerholes to enable you to pull the fabric tight, and this tightness creates a trampoline like effect for a ball to bounce off! Each set of flingo comes with 2 bibs and one ball. I use this in workshops when all the participants have a bib and we have one massive game of keepy uppys! Beach Flingo Tricks Page.


Beach Flingo

Chista This game was invented by Jean-Charles Hery and won the gold medal in France’s Concours Lepine inventors competition. The Chista racket lets you cushion and stop the chista ball (a mini tennis ball) and then send it flying through the air once again by lobbing/throwing it out of the top of the racket. You could throw the ball against a wall or to another player. Lots of possibilities! It takes only a few minutes to master this game, and all you need is a bit of space to play! If you are used to handling a racket of any type, they you will be at an even greater advantage, and if you have enough rackets and a net, then you could even play a volleyball type version of Chista! Chista Tricks Page.


Chista Bats

Flashcups (also known as Speed Stacking Cups) This sport has been in existence for over 20 years and has now became the fastest growing sport in America! It is now also played in thousands of schools across the UK. This product is so simple that a young child can do it, yet so contagious that people of all ages are hooked! You can play on an individual or team basis. The aim is to stack and unstack 12 specially designed plastic cups (race cups) in predetermined sequences. Can you break the world record which currently stands at 2.47 seconds for stacking and unstacking 12 cups?! The set includes 12 plastic cups, race mat, electronic timer, carry bag and full instructions. I use this product in my Circus Skills Workshops and it is every bit as addictive as diabolo, devilstick and all the other props, so go on, give it a try!


Gyro Ring (aka Jitter Ring or Chatter Ring) A metal ring with 5 small discs attached loosely. Just hold the metal ring and strike the smaller coloured discs. As you rotate the ring, the discs begin spinning faster and faster, like mini gyroscopes! At first, the challenge is to keep all the discs spinning. Once you can do this, there are several tricks and stunts to master! Gyro Ring Tricks Page


Astrojax This is what you get when you cross a yoyo with juggling balls! Astrojax is simply 3 weighted balls attached by a piece of string with the middle ball freely moving. The first few tricks are incredibly easy to learn, which is what makes it a good prop to teach others. The only reason why I do not currently use this item in my workshops is that it tangles easily unless you teach people to put the Astrojax back in its docking station (supplied with each astrojax)! Astrojax Tricks page


Shaker Cups (aka Nesting Cups) They are cups that are designed in such a way so as you can catch (nest) one inside the other. They are designed in such a way as not to stick or wedge themselves together when caught, so that the inside cup is ready for release again. This is possibly the noisiest prop in a jugglers bag, as these shaker cups tend to be made from metal and make a huge noise when they clatter together or fall on the floor (which of course is part of the fun of this prop!) Shaker Cups Tricks page



All of the above props (and many others) are available to purchase in my online Juggling Store (UK only).

I would suggest of course that if you were to add these items to your workshops, that you are able to do at least a few tricks with the item so that you can demonstrate to your participants. Beach Flingo and  Speed Cups are two of the most favourite props I use in all my workshops!

New Tricks Pages

Juggling Store News

  • 3 New Ball Products (babache skwoshball, babache silicone skwoshball, henrys superior ball)
  • 3 new Juggling Club Products
  • New series of Beginners Booklets

Juggling Songs

I am trying to gather a list of songs which contain lyrics which could describe juggling moves! For example, Kylie’s song called “Spinning Around” has some lyrics which would fit well with poi spinning, and A Tribe Called Quest’s song called “Can I Kick It?” fits in well with some body bounce tricks while ball juggling.

The lyric doesn’t have to be in the song title, as long as the words match whatever juggling move you can think of! If you can work out any other songs, then please get in touch as I would appreciate any further help!

Juggling News

I look forward to seeing many of you at various festivals and Gala Days over the Easter and Summer periods. I am enjoying an increased amount of schools work this year so far. Thanks to those who have hired me, and for those who may be interested, you can check out my Juggler for Hire Section.


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