Ring Juggling Tricks

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Ring Juggling Tricks

If you can juggle with balls or clubs, then you will find rings very simple to learn.

3 Ring Cascade (the first trick to learn!)

If you get stuck with the following explanation, have a look at the 3 ball cascade page  I  have written, as it explains the cascade in a lot more depth.

One Ring Practice throwing one ring just above head height so that you can catch it with your opposite hand. You should be reaching up to make the catches/throws. Try to catch the ring before it comes in contact with the skin between your thumb and forefinger as this will start to hurt after a while! Give the ring a little spin as you release it, as this stabilises the ring. Probably best to practice indoors, as even the slightest breeze can ruin a good throw.
How to Hold 2 Rings in One Hand One ring should be held firmly, and the other ring should be resting at the fingertips. Throw the ring you’re holding at your fingertips first, and then you can use all your fingers to grip and throw the other ring properly.
Two Rings Hold one ring in each hand. Throw the first ring, and when it peaks, throw the second ring underneath the first one. Both rings should have risen to roughly the same height (just above head height).
Three Rings Holding two rings in your favoured hand, and one ring in the weaker hand. From the favoured hand, throw one of the rings. When that ring reaches its peak and is about to fall, throw from the weaker hand. When that ring has reached its peak, you can now throw the remaining ring from the favoured hand, then just keep going! The cascade pattern is also known as the infinity pattern (a side on figure eight) and you can keep going forever!

Other ways to throw the rings

It is probably best when learning these tricks to go back to learning each stage of the cascade once again.

  • Pancake Flips: Flip the rings like you would toss pancake.
  • Rings Facing Audience: If you are facing the audience, you could turn the rings so that they are flat in front of you and continue juggling. Once again, it may be best to go back to learning the cascade with these throws firstly before attempting any other tricks.
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Ring Juggling Tricks
Butterfly Catch Catch a ring and turn it round, so that it is touching your arm (it should be hooked over your thumb). When you next catch in the hand, you will now have two rings in one hand that are overlapping each other. When you throw both rings at the same time, one goes high and one stays low and you can repeat the butterfly catch or quickly change to another trick!
Stack Rings on Neck A good way to finish your ring routine is to place each ring around your neck as you catch them. This requires a lot of practice. If you can put all three rings around your neck, try immediately taking them off one by one without breaking your rhythm and continue to juggle! When taking a ring off your neck, let it brush the back of your head. This should stop the ring from hitting your nose and ears on the way up!
Reverse Cascade The opposite of the Cascade. In the cascade, the rings are always thrown underneath each other. In a reverse cascade, every ring is thrown over the top of the previous ring thrown. Imagine an open bucket at eye level in the centre of your body. All the rings must be thrown into this bucket and caught by the opposite hand. Work your way up to 3 rings reverse cascade by following the same 3 steps you just used to learn the 3 ring cascade!
Reverse Arms With your arms remaining crossed over, you can do a number of tricks such as cascade and reverse cascade.
Under the Legs Begin by using just one ring in your left hand and throw it under your left leg so that it can be caught by the right hand, then throw the ring under the right leg so that it lands back in the left hand! Once you can do this smoothly, you are ready to attempt under the leg while juggling the 3 ring cascade pattern!

If you are struggling then try throwing the ring higher.
Here are some under the leg possibilities:

  • Every throw from your favoured hand goes under the leg
  • Every throw from either hand goes under the leg
  • Left hand throwing under left leg,
  • Right hand throwing under right leg
  • Left hand throw under right leg
  • Right hand throw under the left leg
Colour Change Buy rings which have a different colour on each side, or stick two different coloured rings together. Practice using just one ring, and build up to being able to doing constant changes with every catch!
Ball Through Ring (Saturn) A difficult trick requiring two balls in one hand, while the ring is held dangling over the pattern. Hold the ring firmly, and swing it left and right so that each ball can fly through the centre of the ring.
Ring Grind One ring is held horizontally and another ring is thrown with lots of backspin and caught on top of the horizontal ring. It should spin vertically for a few seconds before losing power. During this time, you could throw the ring back up in the air and continue juggling.
Returning Ring Practice with one ring, snap your wrist towards you as you release the ring forward. The ring should roll along the ground, and if there is enough backspin on it, should come to a halt and slowly return to your hand. You can make the ring come back faster if the ring hits a wall or object shortly after it has left your hand. You can then work this “returning ring” into your juggling routine.
Flash and Pirouette Throw all 3 rings high in the air, then do a pirouette (360 degree spin), and continue juggling.

Once you have learned to juggle rings, you are ready to move on to clubs, or to try learning 4 ring juggling.

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