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The large Magic Bean can be ‘walked’ up and down the plastic Trick Track, and even flipped in the air or bounced before catching it again. All sorts of tricks are possible, and the bean’s movement is fun to manipulate and watch.Bean Trick Track
How To Get Started
  • Walking the Bean – First trick to practice is walking the bean up and down the trick track. Try doing this using each hand so that you are not just learning with the dominant hand. This will come in handy if you decide to do some tricks involving a second bean trick track!
  • Throwing and Catching – Now you need to practice throwing and catching the bean. Discover how low and how high you can throw the bean and still be able to catch it. Discover which parts of the trick track are best to catch the bean on.

Beginners Tricks
Kick Flip Flick the bean onto your foot, kick it back up into the air and catch it on the track.
Other Body Bounces Other parts of you that you could bounce the bean off: inside foot, outside foot, knee, head, forearm, wrist and elbow. You could even launch the bean from the trick track and then try to do 4 or 5 keepy uppies with the bean before returning it to the track!
Pirouette Catch Throw your bean straight up and pirouette (spin round 360 degrees) and catch the bean again.
Bean in the Sky Throw the bean as high as you can, then catch it. Once you find this trick easy, then try throwing the bean as high as you can, then flipping the track like a juggling club (end over end) and catching it again then catching the bean on it.


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So what other tricks are there?
2 Bean Trick Tracks Get a second bean trick track and try to throw and catch beans at the same time. Try catching on the same bean track, then try catching on the opposite bean track.
Juggling with 3 bean trick tracks You could try juggling the bean trick tracks (without the bean). They would be juggled in the same way as you would juggle a club (flipping them end over end).
2 People Juggle 3 beans between yourself and a partner using one trick track each, or just throw one bean between yourselves (from the tracks) for a bit of fun!

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