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This trick is not rubbish!

Binbags (also known as Garbage/Trash Bags or Refuse Sacks) are a perfect hybrid of Scarf Juggling (they are quite slow in the air)  Ball Juggling (they are shaped like a ball), plus when full of air, they take up a lot of space, so this could be the big finish to the show you are thinking of putting together!

To get air in each Binbag, you have a choice:

  1. Solo – Hold a bag open as wide as possible, and spin in a circle. Once it is full of air, tie it off quickly, and repeat for the other 2 bags.
  2. Make this a whole routine in itself. Pick 3 members of the Audience to spin round and fill the Bags (lots of comedy potential)!

PRACTICE NOTE: You only have around 60-90secs for your entire routine once the 3rd bag has been tied. The air will begin escaping, and the bags will get flatter over time.

Some tricks that especially work well with Garbage Bags

  • Make as wide a cascade pattern as possible, so you have to race around the stage to make the next catch!
  • Columns (one binbag up in the middle of the pattern, then one on each side)
  • Catch on back of head. Bow forward, with arms raised (to create a little pocket on the back of your neck for the binbag to sit on).
  • Catch the tied handle in your mouth, then catch the other 2 binbags, and spin around with your arms stretched out!

Performance Lines

  • “Ladies and Gents, I am not the worst juggler in the world, I have not just been given the sack 3 times”.
  • “Ladies and Gents, other entertainers would REFUSE to do this kind of routine, but I think that would be such a WASTE”. “This act is not rubbish”
  • “Well this act seems to be picking up”
  • “I welcome any fly tipping – make gesture of money with hand”
  • I promise not to get 2 carried away
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