Issue 1 – Find a Juggling Club or Convention Near You

(October 2005)

Hi, my name is Steve Thomson and I am a professional juggler who also runs an online juggling equipment and novelty items store. Many thanks for signing up to this newsletter!

Find a Juggling Club or Convention near you!

One of the questions I get asked frequently by visitors to the website is how to find a Juggling Club near to themselves. If you contact me, I will happily help you to locate one as there are well over 100 in the UK and I have all their details! If you have never considered joining a local juggling club, then I heartily recommend it.


You can find out more about what a juggling club is like by looking at the club that I run which is called Stirling Juggling Project. You are always welcome at any juggling club and your skills will improve considerably by practicing with and learning from other jugglers in your area!


Juggling Conventions aren’t something that many jugglers think about attending (especially beginners). They have no idea what to expect and how much their juggling skills would benefit from getting to watch some of the worlds greatest just practicing in the same 24hr juggling hall as themselves!


Here are some details of upcoming conventions that I will be attending:


* Scottish Juggling Convention (Glasgow) 3-5 February 2006
* British Juggling Convention (Cornwall) – date to be confirmed, but likely to be at Easter-time)
* European Juggling Convention (Co.Cork, Ireland) likely to be in mid July for a week!
There are hundreds of juggling conventions all over the world and all over the UK (these are just the 3 that I attend each year), so get in touch if you want me to locate one that is happening near you! The above conventions are still being organised, so more details will become available nearer the time, but get in touch if you want me to pass on further information when I hear about it!



7 new tricks pages created

I have now started adding trick descriptions sent in by people, so if you have a spare minute to e-mail me some tricks to add to the site, that would be great!


Top Tip – How to Juggle 4 balls!

For those of you who have taught yourself to juggle 3 balls, you may have got stuck when trying to learn 4 ball juggling by thinking it was the exact same pattern but slightly faster. Wrong! The 4 ball pattern is completely different from the 3 ball cascade pattern as the balls in each hand never cross!


You simply practice juggling 2 balls in one hand, then practicing a whole lot more with 2 balls in your weaker hand, and then try both hands at the same time and then stagger the pattern. Much more guidance is available on my 4 ball tricks page!


If you haven’t learned to juggle yet, then grab some oranges or apples from the kitchen and visit the 3 ball cascade page!


Steve the Juggler for hire!

I am a professional juggler, available to hire throughout the UK for any occasion no matter how large or small! The main services I offer are:

Most people usually require a mixture of the above services, and I am happy to work out exactly what is best for making your event a success! You can find out more about my juggling and circus skills workshops by visiting Performance Section of my website.
Thanks for subscribing to this newsletter and for your continued support. Any comments regarding the newsletter or the website are always appreciated! Please forward this newsletter on to anyone you think may find it useful. They can sign up to receive it themselves by filling in their name and e-mail address in the Newsletter box near the bottom right of every page on this website.


God bless
Steve Thomson
Professional Juggler and Retailer


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