Silly Juggling World Records

Your World Record attempts needn’t be trying to juggle a high number of objects. They can be as simple (or as silly) as you like! They may not get recognised by Guinness, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining!

Most bites of an apple while juggling in 1 minute (65 bites)!

Haggis Juggling Endurance World Records: This is an unofficial World Record (as Guinness have refused to recognise it as it would open up all sorts of claims for breaking world records for lots of different foods!) Here is some footage of Luke Burrage breaking the recordin the early years of the competition.

(you can see me on the left of the video watching this attempt – I am the tall bald bloke sitting down!) This is held at every Scottish Juggling Convention, so come along to the next one if you fancy trying to beat it – I almost won in the early years of the competition before the awesome Tempei and then Luke Burrage destroyed all the previous records!

  • 6 Haggis – 11 catches – Luke Burrage (2008)
  • 5 Haggis – 1m 14 secs – Wes Peden (2008)
  • 4 Haggis – 1m 31 secs – Tempei (2006)
  • 3 Haggis – 15m 5 secs- Luke Burrage (2008)

Joggling: Not too silly, but certainly something different from your ordinary juggle as you now need to do everything while running at the same time!   The wonderfully talented Albert Lucas (holder of many Juggling World Records is heavily involved in organising a lot of these World Record attempts and you can find a full list on the Joggling Wikipedia page, and further information on my Joggling web page also!

Some more Silly Juggling World Records!

  • Keeping a Tennis Ball in the air while climbing up a ladder (53 steps)!   2008 by Paul Sahli.
  • Longest Distance driven in a car (with open roof) while heading the ball (7km) by Agim Agushi in 2004.
  • Keepy Uppy with Football. 24hr 30 seconds nonstop without ball touching the ground! By Nikolai Kutsenko from the Ukraine in 1995. Imagine being able to do keepy-uppys for over a day without even dropping once!
  • Fastest Mile while hopping on a pogo stick and juggling 3 balls is 23minutes and 28 seconds. World Record set by the legendary Ashrita Furman in 2007!
  • Spaghetti Juggling is considered way too silly for the Guinness Book of Records –Spaghetti Juggling too Specialised article

If you know of any more silly World Record Juggling facts, then please fill in the form at the bottom of the page. If there is video footage of the World Record attempt then let me know!


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