Issue 15 – Pen Spinning Tricks

Pen Spinning Tricks!

I never thought when I set up in business back in 2001 and developed a website which has been revamped many times over the years, that one of the busiest and most popular pages on the entire 300+ page website would be Pen Spinning Tricks!

If you have ever sat in a class or been bored at work and started turning a pen (or pencil) between your fingers, then you have been pen spinning! There are many tricks that can be learned. This is a form of contact juggling, as the object stays in contact with your body at all times.

Props – I recommend a long unsharpened pencil (rather than a pen)! No ink to spill out, no cap needing placed on top, no horrible pen marks over your hands and no clip to get in the way! A long pen/pencil is best for beginners, as long objects are easier to manipulate. I guess technically this article should be called Pencil Spinning, but you get the idea!

With these basics in mind, take a look at my Pen Spinning Tricks page for finding out the first lot of tricks you can learn. If you master them, then you may find that you are developing a taste for contact juggling, so you could try learning some contact juggling using a stage ball or acrylic.



Please consider writing someadditional pen spinning tricks to the collection on my tricks page You can use the form at the bottom of the tricks page or just e-mail me and I can add them alongside your name to give you some credit! More and more people are writing new tricks for the site so these pages will hopefully now begin to grow organically for everyone’s benefit!



More Ways to Follow Me and Keep in Touch!

Since the turn of the year, I have been working hard on developing my presence on Social Media.


Facebook Jugglingworld page Any time I find a useful article about juggling or a new resource, or add a new product to the store, or run a special offer, it gets added to this page, so if you like regular updates about what is going on in the world of Juggling and my website, then please take a look at this page and become a fan!
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These Social Media seem like a great new way to keep in touch with as many people as possible, but don’t worry as I will still write the newsletter (more regularly, I promise) and you can always look at the Latest News column on the right hand side of this website to find out what has been recently happening!



Juggling Store

22 products since just before CHRISTmas. Many just added in the past few days since I picked them up from my suppliers at the British Juggling Convention!

More products coming soon as I prepare for summer, including a wonderful new outdoor game called Djubi! I plan on reducing a lot of items over the next couple of weeks also, so look out for the Bargain Basement page being filled with many more products (already some bargains in there while stocks last!). Visit Jugglingworld Online Store (UK only).



British Juggling Convention 2010 Reviews and Photographs

Just back from British Juggling Convention in Huddersfield (7-11 April). Here is my BJC 2010 review.



My Latest Juggling News


Just enjoyed my busiest January and March ever, but my quietest ever February. It’s all swings and roundabouts during this recession. The good news however is that I have just signed a contract with a local authority to run 72 x 1hr Circus Skills Workshops at 6 Special Needs Schools over the next 3 months (starting this Monday) and so this will keep me really busy!



Did any of you see the first of a 4 part documentary called Young, Autistic and Stagestruck on Channel 4, Monday night at 8pm? If you didn’t, then make sure you catch it next Monday! I will be working with Special Needs Schools preparing their pupils for a big performance, so it is a similar task. I am hoping that the programmes gives me plenty of inspiration!



Still room for other work though! Please check out the Juggler for Hire section of my website if you might have an upcoming event that requires a lovely juggler by the name of Steve!





God bless
Steve Thomson
Professional Juggler and Retailer


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