World Records for Circus Skills Props

This page contains some World Record information for various Circus Skills props.

Diabolo World Records

  • Most diabolo catches in a minute is 16 times. The diabolo had to be thrown a minimum of 6 metres high each time. Record held by Zheng Da Zong Yi in 2007.
  • Most people tossing a diabolo in the air at the same time is held by Manor Primary School in the UK. 223 people! The year was 2008.

Unicycle World Records

  • Most Spins on a Unicycle in 1 minute (127 spins)! Achieved by Machiko Ashida from Japan in the year 2010.
  • Longest Jump on a Unicycle is 2.95 metres (9ft 8 inches). This was achieved by David Weichenberger in the year 2006.
  • Most stairs climbed on a Unicycle (without any part of his body touching the ground) is 670 stairs. This was done at the Eiffel Tower in Paris (so they would have eventually ran out of stairs for him to climb! Achieved by Benjamin Guiraud in the year 2006.
  • Most tea cups (and saucers) caught on top of a head whilst riding a tall unicycle goes to the legendary Rudy Horn. This record is from way back in 1951.

For approx 20 Unicycling World Records, you can find them on the Guinness World Records website (do a search for “Unicycle”).

Spinning Plate World Records

  • Most people spinning plates simultaneously is 1026 people! This was achieved at the opening of the SportCampus in Utrecht in 2007.
  • Most dinner plates spun on poles by one person is 108 plates. This is held by The Great Davido.

Pen Spinning

Most pen spinning fingerpasses in 1 minute is 66. This was achieved by Daniel Muss in the year 2009.

Most over the thumb pen spins in a minute is 48. This was achieved by Dr Ross D Martin. You can view it here

Sport Stacking (aka Speed Stacking)

3-3-3 formation is 1.68 seconds (William Polly)
Cycle is 5.93 seconds (held by Steven Purugganan and also Mason Langenderfer)

Check out this World Record Sport Stacking Clip by Emily Fox (courtesy of

For more records, head on over to the World Sport Stacking Association website.

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If you know of any more World Record Juggling facts for these or any other Circus Skills props, then please fill in the form at the bottom of the page. If there is video footage of the World Record attempt then let me know!


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