Issue 13 – Website Relaunched

Welcome to the new look Newsletter from Jugglingworld! In this edition, I look forward to telling you about my newly launched website, as well as providing part 2 of the “How to Run a Circus Skills Workshop” article. Enjoy!

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New Jugglingworld Website Launched


At long last, the new Jugglingworld website is here! You are the first people I have invited to visit, so come on in and have a look around! There are many new features on the relaunched website including:

Search Box so that you can find exactly what you want quickly! (near the top of the right hand column on every page) Search box for the main site, for the store and for Google searching also.
Video Clips Video clips are now supplied through YouTube and embedded on the site. This allows you to rate them and add comments! I also have a YouTube video channel (more details in a future newsletter!)
Juggling Store Brand new Juggling store using the VirtueMart shopping cart. Products are far easier to find and I have added many new products just in time for the launch, so please try the What’s New Page.
Popular, Latest News and Search Cloud Tags These modules appear on the right hand column making it far easier to find the most recent and popular pages throughout the site.
Newsletter / Mailing List
Far easier to subscribe now as the signup form (2 fields) can be found in the right hand of each page. This is the new look newsletter – what do you think?
Community Interaction More of an interactive community feel to the site as you can leave a comment on any page, and add the articles to a variety of sources such as digg,, stumble upon etc.
New Content All pages have been updated and rewritten, and the tricks pages have even more content! It is also now easier for you to submit your own tricks straight onto the appropriate page!


At the moment, if you have bookmarked any of the pages from the old website other than the main address, an error page will appear, so please enter through the main website address. I hope to address this issue in the next few days but was keen to let you all see the new website as soon as possible!


Please have a look at the website and let me know what you think of it (be kind!) I have kept in mind lots of your comments throughout the past 18 months while I have been building the website, so I hope that you will enjoy browsing through the site and be regular visitors!


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How to Run a Circus Skills Workshop (part 2)

In the previous newsletter, I offered advice on some of the many different styles of Circus Skills Workshops that exist. In this issue, I will offer advice on other aspects of running a Circus Skills Workshop.



Different Ages Whenever possible, running a session with similarly aged kids is a lot easier than a mixture. The sessions should be tailored according to the age of the people. For under 6yr olds it may not be wise to try and teach how to juggle. They can have plenty of fun spinning plates, and learning the devilstick! Balls can be used in many throwing and catching games.
How Many Participants?
I run Circus Skills Workshops for up to 30 participants at a time. I insist that there are at least one or two extra helpers provided by the organisation (eg in a school, the teacher has to stay with the class).
Duration If you run a 1hr Workshop, then there may not be enough time for the pupils to learn every prop. If the session lasts 2hrs, then a decent show could be put on near the end of the session and there is plenty of time for the pupils to learn some tricks, practice with their friends and then perform!
Public Liability Insurance If you are running Circus Skills Workshops, then you should consider taking out some Public Liability Insurance. I get my  £2million Public Liability Insurance from Ace Europe. Equity Insuranceis what many of my juggling friends use.
CRB Check Most people who hire you to run a Circus Skills Workshop will expect you to be CRB or Enhanced CRB checked. If you are self employed, then you will need to approach an organisation (such as a Church or a School to put you through the process. In return for them doing this, you might offer to run a workshop for free, so everyone is a winner!
Props to Use
If you have a lot of Juggling Balls, Scarfs, Rings and Clubs in your workshop pack, then they can be used for many other purposes as well as juggling. More details in Issue 5 of my newsletter.
Other Prop Ideas As well as the usual workshop kit, please read Issue 6 for more unusual props which are worth considering adding to your kit!


There are many, many more issues regarding how to run a Circus Skills workshop, but I hope that these articles have proved useful and given you plenty to think about! If you have any further questions just let me know and I will be happy to answer them for a future edition of the newsletter.


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Finding Work in England

Thank you for all the encouraging e-mails I have received wishing me well here in England. Due to lots of marketing here in the East Midlands, I had one of my busiest summers ever! I now look forward to gaining lots of enquiries for the festive CHRISTmas period so do let me know if I could be of use to your organisation…

The Juggler for a Day Schools package is proving very popular, as is my 1hr Gospel Juggling show and 30min Schools Show at various events throughout Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the site (you can even leave a comment using the form at the bottom of any page throughout the site!)



God bless
Steve Thomson
Professional Juggler and Retailer


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