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Winner of the Creative Arts Competition at the European Puppet Ministry Festival in 2016! Here is my winning performance 🙂

On 25 February 2016, I launched 12 new Gospel Juggling video clips. These clips are from performances I have done at Churches all over England over the past 5-6yrs. This blog post is to share 3 of them, but you can see them all and consider SUBSCRIBING by visiting my Gospel Juggling Playlist on YouTube (link opens in a new window).

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Clip #1:  An Invitation and As White as Snow Routines

Steve the Juggler demonstrates using an audience member and some spinning plates all about how we all have been invited into God’s Kingdom, but we have to make the decision and accept the invitation. He then follows up with a routine about how our sins can be washed away if we pray for forgiveness and truly repent. Performed at Wollaston Baptist Church

Clip #2:  All About Jesus

Steve the Juggler demonstrates using a diabolo and devilstick how Jesus was able to Beat the devil, and how he will return one day. This was performed as a Children’s Address at Seahouses Methodist Church.

Clip #3:  Daniel’s Friends and the Fiery Furnace

Steve the Gospel Juggler demonstrates the story in Daniel Chapter 3 in the Old Testament – Daniel’s Friends and the Fiery Furnace. The magic trick doesn’t exactly go according to plan, but his improvisational skills ensure that the message still comes across as intended! Performed at Park Road Baptist Church on 7 February 2016 as the Children’s Address.

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