Catch-it Cone Tricks

This is a toy that many of us would have played with in the 1980s! You click the trigger to propel a ball high in the air, then try to catch it in the plastic cone. The catch-it cone comes with 2 small coloured balls which can be fired at the same time!Catch-it Cone

This is a great game for improving co-ordination, and something that could be added as something a bit different to a jugglers performance!

Tricks to try first!
Fire and catch (one ball) Point the cone vertically, fire the trigger, catch the ball! Practice until it becomes very smooth (it shouldn’t take long!)

Catch-it Cone Animation

Multiplexing This is a juggling term used to describe when you throw and catch 2 or more objects from one hand at the same time. Try loading the cone with both balls, flicking them up and catching them both. If you are finding this trick difficult, then do this trick while standing on a wooden floor, and you will be able to catch the second ball once it has bounced off the floor!
Off the Wall Fire the ball against a wall, and catch it once it has bounced off the wall.
Under the Leg Try firing one or both balls from under the leg, then catch normally.
Behind the Back Try firing one or both balls from under the leg, then catch normally.
More advanced tricks
Flip-catch Once you have fired the ball into the air, flip the cone end over end (like a juggling club), catch the cone and then catch the ball. If you need the ball to fly higher to give you a bit more time to do the flip-catch, then try lifting the cone up quickly as you fire.
Switch Hands Fire the ball, then pass the cone to the other hand and catch. Try passing to one hand and straight back to the other before catching (in juggling terms, this is called  €œvamping €)! Try passing to the other hand behind the back or under the leg before catching.
Keepy Uppys Before catching the ball in the cone, you could do some keepy uppy €™s with it, such as kicking it back into the air, or bouncing it off various parts of your body. You will find that the knee is probably the easiest part, as long as you can make the ball go high enough again catch it in the cone afterwards!


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Catch-it Cone Animation

2 x Catch-it Cone tricks

Get yourself a second catch-it cone, and try the following tricks!

  • Load one cone with one ball. Fire it in the air and catch in the other cone. This should be quite easy. Now load one cone with 2 balls. Fire them in the air and catch one ball in each cone. Now fire both cones at the same time, and try to catch both balls! Finally try firing both cones at slightly different times.
  • Try loading both cones with 2 balls, firing them and catching all 4 balls. Good luck!
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