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Convention Review BJC 2016 Perth

Just a quick note to say that my Convention Review for British Juggling Convention 2016 in Perth has been added to the website. You can visit it by clicking the link below. British Juggling Convention 2016 – Perth   My Marionette Puppet (made after 6hrs of Workshops)! Bell’s Sports Centre – 24hr Hall BJC Parade […]

Performance Showreel

Some examples of Steve the Juggler’s Performances. If you are thinking of hiring him for your event, then this is a good place to start! This page contains his official Performance Showreel, plus clips of Fire and Glow Juggling, followed by his 2 main appearances on UK Television (Question of Sport and Offside). Clip #1: […]

Cat Videos

Not technically a Juggling page, so why am I including it on my website? Well common sense tells me that Cat Video Clips can gain a huge viral audience, and I have 3 Cats, so why not film them playing around the house and add some Sporting Commentary! If it brings me a new audience, […]

Juggling Conventions Playlist

On 25 February 2016, I launched 5 new Juggling Convention video clips. These clips are from various Juggling Conventions I have attended over many years, and is just a taster of over 50 Convention clips available on the Juggling Conventions Playlist. Please enjoy and share with others, and please subscribe to Steve the Juggler’s YouTube […]

Gospel Juggling Playlist

Winner of the Creative Arts Competition at the European Puppet Ministry Festival in 2016! Here is my winning performance 🙂 On 25 February 2016, I launched 12 new Gospel Juggling video clips. These clips are from performances I have done at Churches all over England over the past 5-6yrs. This blog post is to share 3 […]

Juggling Video YouTube Tutorials

Back in May 2015, on a fairly sunny but very windy day, my best Buddy (Graeme Jackson) and I headed on a trip to Salcey Forest. Armed with some of my Juggling props, we found some scenic spots (a different one for each video) and made some Video Tutorials that you might find useful. Please […]

Christmas Juggling Comedy Video Clips

On 3 December 2015, Steve the Juggler put on 3 different outfits, and filmed in a few different locations, and performed 3 new Christmas Comedy Juggling Routines for you all to enjoy. How to Warm up Crowds on a Winters Day Snowball Juggling Reindeer Impression using 5 Ball Juggling ***************************************** FOLLOW / LIKE / SUBSCRIBE […]


I regularly write articles on all aspects of Juggling. The following articles may be of interest to you (I may soon turn them into blog posts so you can comment on them), and you can access all of them by visiting my EZine Articles Profile (link opens in new window). These articles can also be […]

Inventing a New Juggling Trick

I must admit to thinking I have invented several new tricks (including several very impressive drops without a recovery to go with them) over the years, but then later finding out that the trick already has a name and everyone else can do it also! In these modern days, with the explosion in popularity of […]

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