TEDTalks by Jugglers and Performers

Juggling Rhythm and Motion by Michael Moschen

Welcome to Vaudeville 2.0 by Raspyni Brothers

My Journey to Yo-yo Mastery by Black

Pop an Ollie and Innovate! by Rodney Mullen

How Context shapes Content by Rodney Mullen

Magic of Truth and Lies (and IPods) by Marco Tempest

Lego for Grownups by Hillel Cooperman

The Power of the Pentatonic Scale demonstrated by Bobby McFerrin

Taking apart the art of Puzzles by Scott Kim

A leap from the edge of space by Steve Truglia

A story of mixed emoticons by Robert Lang

Hip-hop Dance and a little Magic by Kenich Ebina

All it Takes is 10 mindful Minutes by Andy Puddicombe

How YouTube is Driving Innovation by Chris Anderson

How I held my breath for 17mins by David Blaine

A Juggling Gymnast by Maro

Balancing on a Thin Wire by Tightrope Walker Erica Saben

Juggling Life: Redefining What’s Possible by Jennifer Slaw

The Journey across the High Wire by Philippe Petit

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are by Amy Cuddy



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