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The rules for these World Record attempts to be accepted (whether by Guinness or the JIS Committee on Numbers Juggling) are as follows:


The props must be thrown individually from each hand, therefore multiplexing – which involves throwing more than one object at a time is not allowed.

  1. You are counting the number of catches, not throws, so your counting will only begin when you have thrown all but the final object from your hands!
  2. Catches are only counted until the moment that a dropped object would have reached the hand that was meant to catch it (it stops sooner than when the object would have hit the floor!)

Some of the records on this page may not be recognised as official “Guinness World Records”, but it is good enough for the excellent JIS Committee on Numbers Juggling from which these stats are taken! Their aim in creating this well maintained list is to stimulate interest in numbers juggling at all levels as well as setting some goals for the most dedicated, so head over to their website to see a more complete list!


The new generations of jugglers usually film their attempts, so that their claims can be more easily validated. It is also far easier to try and count the number of catches of 12 objects when you can watch the filmed footage in slow motion!   The attempts are usually measured in the number of catches, but occasionally (with slightly lower numbered items) the length of time.



World Record for Ball/beanbag Juggling

  • 12 balls/beanbags for 12 catches by Bruce Sarafian (1996), Peter Bone (2006), Sam Hartford (2010) – 3 different people all holding the same world record!
  • 11 beanbags for 21 catches by Alex Barron in 2011
  • 10 balls for 23 catches by Bruce Sarafian in 2001
  • 9 balls for 54 seconds by Anthony Gatto in 2006 (featured in his “To be the best III DVD)


If you would like to attempt Numbers Juggling, then you may find the following article helpful –
NUMBERS JUGGLING – a guide to Juggling more than 3 objects!



World Records for Bounce Juggling


10 balls using the lift bounce (39 catches) – Robert Mosher III
9 balls using the lift bounce (35 seconds) – Mathias Ramfelt



9 balls using the force bounce (62 catches) – Alan sulc

8 balls using the force bounce (4 mins 12 seconds) – Alan Sulc



2-man bounce passing

16 balls (74 catches) by David Critchfield and John Jones in 2005



World Records for Ring Juggling

  • 13 Rings for 13 catches by Albert Lucas (2002)
  • 12 Rings for 12 catches by Anthony Gatto (1993), Albert Lucase (1996), Sam Hartford (2002)
  • 11 Rings for 17 catches by Anthony Gatto (2006)
  • 10 Rings for 47 catches by Anthony Gatto (2005)



World Records for Club Juggling

  • 9 Clubs for 9 catches by Bruce Tiemann (1996), Scott Sorensen (1997), Chris Fowler (2003)
  • 8 Clubs for 16 catches by Anthony Gatto (2006)
  • 7 Clubs for 4mins 23 seconds by Anthony Gatto (2005) from his Legendary Moments video




World Records for Club Passing

Records don’t need to be a solo effort!


  • 14 Clubs for 14 passes between Darin Marriott & Peter Kaseman (2004)
  • 13 Clubs for 18 passes between Patrik Elmnert & Wes Peden (2008)



You will see that when it comes to Juggling any high number of objects, Anthony Gatto is always someone who sets a trail for others to try and beat! He is also heavily involved in organising lots of Joggling World Records which you can find on my Silly Juggling World Records page!


Further Resources


There are lots of unofficial “World Records” submitted to the Juggling Records Database on the excellent Internet Juggling Database – so that’s a good place to have a look to find one that you think you can work towards beating, then you could always file a request with Guinness to see if they would recognise an official attempt at it, and you too could be a record breaker!


Another good web page with lots of fun facts is the Official Guinness World Records website. Type in “Juggling” and let the websites search engine pull up the best results –


If you know of any more World Record Juggling facts, then please fill in the form at the bottom of the page. If there is video footage of the World Record attempt then let me know!


World Records


This section was launched in August 2011 when I added the Guinness World Records Products to my website . I created 4 pages full of wonderful Guinness World Records for you to enjoy (and perhaps resolve to beat!)

  1. Juggling World Records (for Balls, Clubs, Rings, Bounce Juggling and Passing)
  2. Circus Skills Prop World Records (eg Diabolo, Unicycle, Spinning Plates, Pen Spinning etc)
  3. Dangerous Juggling World Records (eg Chainsaws, Fire, Underwater)!
  4. Silly Juggling World Records (eg Haggis Juggling, Joggling, Keepy-uppy etc)
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