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#22 What Happens at a Juggling Club? (February 2014)
#21 Improve your Skills by Writing Things Down (April 2013)
#20 Silly Juggling World Records (March 2012)
#19 Busking (October 2011)
#18 Joggling (June 2011)
#17 Different Styles of Juggling Performance (January 2011)
#16 My 5 Favourite Juggling Resources (October 2010)
#15 Pen Spinning Tricks  (April 2010)
#14 Discount Voucher for Subscribers (November 2009)
#13 Website Relaunched (September 2009)
#12 How to Run a Circus Skills Workshop (June 2009)
#11 Expand your 3 Ball Juggling Skills (February 2009)
#10 Video Clips Added (August 2008)
#9 A Trip around Jugglingworld (March 2008)
#8 How to Recover from Dropping (November 2007)
#7 How to be a Good Juggler (September 2007)
#6 Have you Tried these Circus Skills Props? (April 2007)
#5 Cool and Simple Ways to use Juggling Props (February 2007)
#4 Using Comedy in your Juggling Routines (August 2006)
#3 Developing a Routine to Music (March 2006)
#2 Online Juggling Games (December 2005)
#1 Find a Juggling Club or Convention near you! (October 2005)



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Turbo Bouncer Balls

Question 1: What’s in the Newsletter?

  • An article about how to improve some aspect of your performing. Recent articles have included topics such as: Developing a routine to music, Using comedy in your performances, how to recover from dropping props, cool and simple ways to use juggling props etc.
  • Latest additions to the website (new pages added, tricks pages updated etc)
  • Latest bargains and new products information in Jugglingworld store (UK only)
  • News about my latest Juggling activities!

So if you have an interest on grabbing a bargain, improving your skills, finding out when new content (including video clips) are added to the site or simply would like to read my latest juggling news and find out what is going on with Steve the Juggler, then this newsletter is for you! There are currently over 550 subscribers, so why not join them!


Question 2: How often will I receive the newsletter?

I don’t intend to send out any more than 3-4 newsletters per year, because I only want to write when I have something to say and a decent amount of time to write a quality juggling article! If for any reason you would like to cancel your subscription, you can click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the e-mail newsletter or drop me an e-mail and I will manually remove your details.


Question 3: Are my details safe?

You can read my full privacy policy here. I am registered with the Data Protection Act. In brief, this policy basically assures you that your e-mail address and contact details will never be passed on to anyone unless permission is granted from you in advance.

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