Issue 18 – Joggling!

Jugglingworld News Number 18 (June 2011)

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Main Article – Joggling

This full article can be found on the Joggling Tricks page of my website (link opens in new window).

“As Not Seen on Question of Sport”!

In April (while at the British Juggling Convention surrounded by Jugglers who saw it on the TV in the cafeteria), I did appear on BBC’s Question of Sport Mystery Celebrity Round, but you couldn’t see me! I had been teaching Chris Ashton (Northampton Saints and England Rugby Player) to glow juggle, and he was so quick at learning, that it was decided I wouldn’t need to be filmed alongside him, so they just used me doing some fantastic glow juggling in pitch black, then slotted in a few shots of Chris (using my glow juggling props) performing some basic moves and made it all look like him! Well done Chris.



New Products Added to Jugglingworld Store

  • Funtrix props LED Yo-yo, Spin Top and a new version of the Juggling Set
  • Yo2 Props Yo2 Mirage Yo-yo, Yo2 Triple Moon Yo-yo
  • Flying Objects Copterang, Parachute Ball, X-Zylo

You can view all of these in their respective sections by going to Jugglingworld Store (UK only).


20 Products Reduced (or further reduced) today include:


  • Babache Energy LED Handsticks reduced from  £18.75 to  £10 (last 3 pairs in stock)
  • Gravity Control Cups reduced from  £9.50 to  £8 (last 3 in stock)
  • Multiball Contact book by Drew Batchelor reduced from  £15.75 to  £9 (last one in stock)

This is to phase out some stock and generate some cash I can put towards new products so everyone’s a winner!


Steve the Juggler

This has been one of my busiest years so far, although because of the recession most people are choosing to phone at the very last minute to make a booking rather than in previous years hire me months before an event. There is a lot of last minute planning to do this year but it’s all good!

I got to perform inside Bristol Cathedral at a Praise Service at the end of the BibleFresh Festival. I made sure I made sure that I brought my diabolo to perform with as I couldn’t resist the chance to be able to throw it as high as I could and still be indoors! Last weekend, I did the warm up for an excellent Christian group called Tough Talk who came to a local Church to share their Testimonies.

I am delighted to announce that I am doing a Summer Tour of 16 Northamptonshire Libraries as part of their Circus Themed Summer Reading Scheme. I used to be a Librarian before I became a professional juggler, so this is the chance to combine 2 loves!

Video Clips and YouTube Playlists

Since my last newsletter in January, I have released over 30 video clips which have been sorted into the following playlists

I have another 40+ video clips which I plan on rolling out approximately 1 per week, and hopefully plenty more video footage of upcoming performances and tutorials, so it should be a long time before I run out of video clips to share with you wonderful people! Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel and leaving favourable comments on my video clips!


God bless
Steve Thomson
Professional Juggler and Retailer


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