I regularly write articles on all aspects of Juggling. The following articles may be of interest to you, and you can access all of them (over 100 to choose from) by visiting my EZine Articles Profile (link opens in new window).



A to Z of Circus Skills / Juggling Equipment and Skills Toys

A glossary of definitions for all of the props that you can see throughout this tricks section as well as many more that I hope to write about soon!


Juggling Games

If you are planning the games at a Juggling Convention or simply looking for some fun Juggling games to play with your friends, then this page has a huge list and descriptions to browse through!


Parachute Games

Lots of games ideas for using a giant/jumbo parachute.




Way back in the mid 1990’s, I was asked by the Church of Scotland to write a book of Games Ideas, which was then published as “Gameslist”. I described as many games as I could think of, and put them into genres (such as all the Tig games are on one page, and games with morals on another etc).

Best place to start is on the… How to plan a Games session page!

Diabolo in a Box game!


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