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These 3 games all have lots of different commands/actions that you can shout out. It’s usually difficult to remember all of the actions, so feel free to print this page out as a cheat sheet!



Every child has to walk about inside an area of the hall, and when the leader shouts the following, they have to do the appropriate action:

French Bean Shout “ Ooh La La”, and swing their hips
Runner Bean  Run about the hall
Broad Beans  Stretch their arms out
Jumping beans  Jump up and down
Haricot Beans
Hop around the hall
Beans on Toast Lie on Floor
Dwarf Beans
Crouch down and walk
String Beans Put hands in air
Frozen Beans “Freeze”
Chilli Beans Stand and shiver
Baked Beans Children have to run and touch a wall before the leader catches them. Any child who is caught, becomes the leaders helper, and when “Baked Beans” is shouted again, they can try and catch more children. The game ends when everyone has been caught.


Port & Starboard

In this game, one person is the captain of the ship, issuing orders to the others. There are a number of actions for the players to follow and these must be explained before starting the game. “Port” is one side of the hall and “Starboard the other. “Bow” and “Stern” can be added if there is enough space. The people participating, run to whatever end of the hall is shouted by the “Captain”. Other actions are as follows:

Bombs Overhead Crouch down covering head with hands
Captain’s Coming Stand to attention and salute
Captain’s been
Stick tongue out and make a face
Captain’s girlfriend Say: “Oooh La La” and wiggle hips.
Climb the Rigging Pretend you are climbing a ladder
Cook’s Coming Pat your stomach, and rub your head (at the same time)
Cook’s Been Pretending to be sick!!
Freeze / Unfreeze
Children have to stay still. They cannot move until you shout “Unfreeze”, but try shouting some other actions first, to see how good they are!!
Man the Lifeboats Two people sitting down, facing each other, with legs and arms touching and pretend to row back and forward.
Scrub the Decks Pretend you are scrubbing the floor
Submarine Lie down with one leg in the air
Three in a Lifeboat 3 people link arms, but face outwards
Crow’s Nest
Pretend to look out, hand to forehead.

Once the Children get used to the game and all the different commands (you could introduce a few new ones each time you play it), then you can decide if you would like to play the game where the last person to do the command is “out”, so that you eventually speed up the game and end up with a winner. This is a great game for tiring kids out! Remember to shout lots of “ship”, “sea” and “shore” to have them running up and down the hall between these other commands!


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Traffic Lights

Children run around the hall. When a leader shouts:

Red Child stands still
Amber Runs on the spot
Green Runs around hall
Pelican Crossing  Lie down on the floor and shouts “Beep Beep”
Roundabouts  Spin around
Free Parking  Sit down
Zebra Crossing Pair of kids lie side by side, head to foot

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