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Steve the Juggler is available to teach adults and children in a variety of ways and for a variety of purposes including Motivational Speaking! Please read below and consider whether you would find any of the following courses useful then get in touch and I can provide more information including costs!

Teambuilding & Motivational Speaking

This interactive Juggling and Circus Skills session involves problem solving, hand/eye co-ordination and perseverance!   It will enable you to learn new skills that can be transferred to your workplace to improve presentations and liven up team and training sessions. It may also help participants discover their creative and artistic side.   This Circus Skills workshop has many different positive messages dispersed throughout, such as:

  • Using the right methodology, not just jumping too far ahead
  • A little bit of effort can have a lot of reward
  • How to achieve what looks impossible by simply giving it a try!
  • How to enourage one another in the workplace
  • How to give other people a chance to shine
  • How to be more creative

These messages are carefully interwoven with the appropriate activities so that they have more of an impact and will be more easily remembered for when your staff return to their usual workloads! Handouts are available which teach even more about Creativity and Innovation, How to learn new skills etc so that further learning can be done after the Session. Please bear in mind that I can be hired to run a normal Circus Skills Workshop.without all these positive messages if you are just keen for the staff to have a break from the usual routine and have some fun!

Here is a press-cutting from my first Motivational Speaking Workshop.

Chartered Institute for Personnel Development

Circus Skills Workshops

Suitable for adults and kids! Try your hand at learning from a wide variety of props such as how to juggle, plus diabolo, devilstick, spinning plates, poi, speedcups and much much more!   Details available on my Circus Skills Workshop page.

Some of the many props used during a Circus Skills Workshop!

How to run Circus Skills Workshops (1 or 2 day course)

This training course can prove invaluable especially for School Sports Co-ordinators, Kid’s workers & Physical Education teams who wish to learn how to run their own Circus Skills Workshops. A discount on purchasing juggling equipment is available after the course!   More details available on my How to run Circus Skills Workshops page.

Circus Skills Workshops are suitable for Adults as well as Children!

How to Perform Christian Juggling (1 or 2 Day Course)

For the Christians among us, if you and your Ministry team would love to learn Circus Skills and how to use them in your Ministry, then this is a 1 or 2 day course which will teach you all the skills to get you started as well as plenty of ideas on where to find routines and how to come up with your own ideas also!   More details about Christian Juggling Course here.

Steve the Juggler performing his Gospel Juggling routines

Health Initiatives

If you are having any kind of Health Initiative (at your work or perhaps in the NHS or at In-service training days in School) and are keen for more people to become aware of the Benefits of Juggling as a Healthy, fun, relaxing activity, then please consider hiring me to either perform Walkabout Juggling and chat amongst people at your social event, or to put on Circus Skills Workshops which include handouts and include a 10min talk all about the Benefits of Juggling!   More information about my Circus Skills Workshop and Walkabout Entertainment.

Physical Benefits of Juggling/Circus SkillsPhysical Benefits of Juggling

TESTIMONIAL“Thank you very much for attending our staff in-service day, giving our staff the opportunity to attend a Circus class. The event proved popular with those who took part, and I have only received good feedback of the event.”

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5 Day Circus Skills Course     (1 x 2hr session per day)

On this training course, I teach juggling and performance skills to the participants and then work alongside them on preparing a show for the final day (day 5) which can be in front of an audience or just something to build up to. Ideal for School’s and Sports camps looking for something bit different. If the participants would prefer not to build towards a show, then the emphasis is changed to building up the skills the participants want to develop. This course is suitable for Kids although Adults may find it fun and quite relaxing also!

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