Private Juggling Lessons



Are you looking for a unique experience present for a loved one?

You can hire Steve the Juggler as a present for a 1hr lesson. I can provide you with a personalised certificate that can be printed out and put in with a Birthday/CHRISTmas Card for the person to open on their present day. We can either arrange a date or time in advance (if you know when the participant is available), or I can include my contact details for the person to contact me and arrange a suitable date and time once they have thanked you for the present!
I will come to the participants location to deliver the workshop and provide all the equipment required for the lesson. I can bring some equipment that the person can consider purchasing after the session (eg if they have learned to juggle and don’t already own a set of juggling balls, then they may just want to buy a set to get them started!)
The following lessons are the most popular:

  • Learn how to Juggle
  • Improve your Juggling (useful for anyone who learned to juggle years ago and needs a bit of inspiration in order to continue their skills) The most common request is for a 3 ball juggler to get tips on how to juggle 4 & 5 balls!
  • a Mini Taster session where I bring a variety of props such as spinning plates, diabolo, devilstick etc


Quite literally Jumping for Joy at the prospect of delivering my next Private Lesson – might it be yours or for someone you love?!
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